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What is mentoring?

Mentoring is for writers who want to develop a particular project by working closely with an experienced writer. We encourage and guide you by reading and commenting on your drafts and helping you decide what to do next. Typically, you will receive 30 to 40 hours of your mentor's exclusive attention over the course of the programme.

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What happens

Before you and your mentor start work you both agree to a simple plan setting out a reasonable goal for the mentoring.

Typically, the writer sends a draft or part of a draft to the mentor. She or he reads it and gives comment on its strengths and weaknesses and also suggests how to take it to the next stage. This will involve either more writing or rewriting.

Please note that it may not be possible to finish your project during the duration of the programme. Getting it right takes time.

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Joining Up

  1. You enquire about joining the programme.
  2. We tell you if there is room.
  3. You send us a sample of work and apply to join.
  4. You and your mentor agree on a plan.
  5. You pay the initial fee and you start work.

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Mentoring is charged at an hourly rate. You pay for 10 hours at the start of the programme and further payments as the time is used up.

Contact us for more details.

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