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About TFS

The TFS Literary Agency and Manuscript Assessment Service was founded in 1988 by Chris and Barbara Else as a one-stop-shop to help writers achieve their goals.

Since then we have given advice and guidance to literally hundreds of aspiring and established writers, including Alan Duff, Nigel Cox, Rachel King and Rachael Craw.

What our clients have achieved

Several books we have worked on have achieved best seller status and have also won the following awards and prizes:

About us

We are published writers and editors ourselves, with over twenty-five books to our credit.

We were also instrumental in founding the NZ Association of Literary Agents (NZALA) and the NZ Association of Manuscript Assessors (NZAMA). Both organisations aim to foster and maintain high quality service to New Zealand writers.

We remain strongly committed to the development of New Zealand writing in general and to helping our writers improve their knowledge and their skills.