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Barbara has also written children's books and edited anthologies of stories for children.

Wild Latitudes

Wild Latitudes Cover

Adele Overend and her younger brother Godwin are dispatched from comfortable Autumn Hall in Yorkshire to the ends of the earth - gold rush Dunedin in 1864.

Peopled with a galaxay of brilliantly eccentric characters, this unique novel is at once a subtle pastiche of Victorian fiction and a tragi-comic bodice-ripper.

'- deep and brilliant -' Mark Peters, The Listerner.

Vintage (NZ) 2007

Endeavour Media 2016

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The Case of the Missing Kitchen

Missing Kitchen Cover

Suzie Emmett's life collapses around her as she is drawn into a world full of murder, intrigue and thieves who steal your kitchen in the middle of the night. Fast-paced, scary and screamingly funny, this is a thriller like no other.

Vintage (NZ) 2003

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Three Pretty Widows

Three Pretty Widows Cover

A insightful and wicked look at how three women, each at a different life stage, deal with beauty, children, love, and the loss of someone important to them.

Vintage (NZ) 2000

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Eating Peacocks

Eating Peacocks Cover

Delia wakes up in hospital to find herself paralysed and with no memory of what has happened. As she struggles back to health she has to come to terms not only with her immediate past but also with the impact of events in her early childhood. A moving, bitter-sweet exploration of the way our choices are governed by forces we don't understand.

Vintage (NZ) 1998

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Gingerbread Husbands

Gindgerbread Husbands cover

Sophie battles with a new (old) house, three children, an importunate former lover, a drunken friend, ghosts in the attic, and a possum in the laundry all without the aid of her never-present but utterly charming husband, Russell. A hilarious look at modern marriage and family life.

Godwit Publishing 1996, Harper Collins (Aus) 1998, Pan Macmillan (UK) 1998

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The Warrior Queen

Warrior Queen cover

Kate Wildburn's revenge on her erring husband, Richard, has become one of New Zealand's best selling novels. The Warrior Queen is a sharp, witty look at family and male-female relationships.

Vintage (NZ) 1999, Godwit Publishing 1995, Harper Collins (Aus) 1996, Pan Macmillan(UK) 1997

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